DASH SPORTS is a sports hub that connects sports enthusiasts. sports club, sport event and communities established in 2020, started from a close group of people who unintentionally do outdoor running every week, until it all converted to a scheduled session practice together along with a professional coach. Dash Sports has grown rapidly from the day it started. As of today, Dash offered 4 sports programs which is running, swimming, cycling, mat pilates, and Dash Kids. Not only in Jakarta, but Dash has also expanded to Bandung. Dash believes that every sport is unique in its way and it is important to do it with the right drill and technique to build the strength and choice the best result.
The word “Dash” itself has come from the meaning of “fast”. From ancient times until now, sports like running, cycling, and swimming have been associated with the word “fast”. Dash encourages everyone to be better than before, creating a supportive environment where everyone will feel motivated, active, and empowered. Everyone from novice to advanced are more than welcome to participate. Dash prioritizes recreations, not achievements.
Dash envisioned to be the biggest sports hub in Indonesia with a mission of connecting countless types of sports in just one platform. Dash is making it real by launching its 1st version of digital platform called Das App. Dash App will provide seamless experience to its user to access information about sports events, in-house training sessions, pricelists, sports type, coach, and venue. Users can also utilize Dash App as a payment method with complete features such as back transfer, virtual account, credit card, and e-wallet. In the near future, Dash App will grow more extensively and provide much more valuable features for its user.


A bunch of athletic junkies who run their best life to the fullest.
A particular shoal swimming their fin making way in the vast metropolitan daily waves.
Workout session on a mat to build muscles and core strength by strengthening numerous muscles of the body. Helps build, sculpt and tone these muscles, aid in total body flexibility and posture improvement.
Riding out the best time of life together through all its bumps & nook
Workout session to maximize running performance by enhancing overall body strength and running technique.
Fun • Learn • Exercise Workouts programs especially designed for the kiddos

Easy access workout sessions and sports events, fast booking, and payment. Meet Dash Sports as the first Indonesia’s sports hub dedicated for all sports enthusiasts.

Providing all the access and choices for everyone who love to workout and stay active. Book any workout session, participate in sports events, simple online payment all in one integrated app, and it’s available for anyone, whether it’s adults or children!

You only need to register your account, pick your sports, sweat, and enjoy!

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